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Hugh Chris Brown

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Pros and Cons : Building meaningful programming in correctional institutions


The Pros and Cons Pri­son Music Pro­gram was ini­tia­ted as a res­ponse to the clo­sure of the agri­cul­tu­ral pro­grams in Cana­dian pri­sons, and from the out­set was run with the inten­tion of ser­ving a popu­la­tion that was not only lacking in resources, but was also being acti­ve­ly marginalized.

My expe­riences have led me to unders­tand many sen­si­ti­vi­ties of wor­king with convicts, and the ways in which conflict and poli­ti­ci­za­tion can be avoided.

I have also lear­ned that it is of great advan­tage to create tools for inmates. Your work can have a mul­ti­plier effect by means of open source lear­ning, and the focu­sing of other­wise neglec­ted ener­gies of those behind bars. (Let me dis­tin­guish that last sen­tence from the use of inmates for capi­tal gain, which is other­wise known as sla­ve­ry) We are inter­es­ted in humans buil­ding skill and a know­ledge base that can help them be more self-deter­mi­ned, making choices of bet­ter ser­vice to them­selves and their socie­ties, inside and out­side of institutions.

The three videos shown hear dis­cuss three major aspects of buil­ding mea­ning­ful pro­gram­ming in cor­rec­tio­nal institutions :

Part One : Get­ting Inside

Part Two : The Music Process

Part Three : The Lega­cy Effect

For more music, inter­views , and contact information :

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