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Germaine Liu

  • Objets trouvés ou matériel artistique
  • 5 à 12 ans
  • 13 à 18 ans
  • Intergénérationnel
  • Éducation
  • Associations communautaires

Task-based Games : Intro and Keys Chain


Hel­lo !  My  name is Ger­maine.  I have pre­pa­red for you some task-based games you can share and play with your friends.  I love task-based games because I feel like I am living the expe­rience in a way.  When eve­ryone invol­ved is open and willing to par­ti­ci­pate, then it feels like we are all in this toge­ther.  We receive and give in this very direct and deli­be­rate way that I think is an honest exchange for all of us.  Have fun, enjoy !

Keys Chain for Jesse Stewart

Pre­pa­ra­tion :

Gather a bunch of unwan­ted keys from friends, neigh­bours or your local hard­ward store.

If you are playing on the floor you don’t want to scratch, use a piece of ply­wood instead.

Let’s prac­tice : play the key by hol­ding the long part of the key and brin­ging the large flat part of the key fall onto the floor.

Let’s play !

1. Choose a promp­ter for your game of 2 or more players

2. The promp­ter directs a slow heart beat for all the players to follow

3. Let’s use fruit names to sub­di­vide the heart beat star­ting with peach.

4. You can also use apple (for a sub­di­vi­sion of 2), pineapple (for 3) or water­me­lon (for 4).

5. The promp­ter can also use their fin­gers to indi­cate the sub­di­vi­sions of the heart­beat (1, 2, 3 or 4).

6. Thumb up indi­cates the ending.

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