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Germaine Liu

  • Objets trouvés ou matériel artistique
  • 5 à 12 ans
  • 13 à 18 ans
  • Adultes
  • Ainés
  • Intergénérationnel

1 hour

  • Éducation
  • Associations communautaires

Task-based Games : Path


Hel­lo !  My  name is Ger­maine.  I have pre­pa­red for you some task-based games you can share and play with your friends.  I love task-based games because I feel like I am living the expe­rience in a way.  When eve­ryone invol­ved is open and willing to par­ti­ci­pate, then it feels like we are all in this toge­ther.  We receive and give in this very direct and deli­be­rate way that I think is an honest exchange for all of us.  Have fun, enjoy !


Pre­pa­ra­tion :

1. Gather a bunch of objects around the house like cups, bowls, jars, wha­te­ver you can find.  Test the sounds to see if you like them.

2.  Make 2 soun­ding pen­du­lums out of some mason jar lids by tying a long piece of string on each with a loop at the end.

3. With one friend or more, make a path­way with the objects lea­ving a space in bet­ween wide enough for a player to walk through.


Let’s play !

2.  The player starts to walk through the path while swaying the pen­du­lums gent­ly so that they come into contact with the objects.


3.  As the player gets towards the end of the path, path­ma­kers are res­pon­sible to keep on exten­ding the path with objects from the other end.

The player can choose to walk back­wards or pause at any point, but must even­tual­ly conti­nue forward.


Path­ma­kers are free to change the shape and direc­tion of the path.


4.  The game ends when the player reaches the end of the path.

Feel free to get crea­tive with your move­ments, stay safe and have fun !

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