Brent Lee (ON) (2011–14)

« My first contact with the CNMN was at the Forum in Toron­to in 2008. It was a great chance to hear new ideas around pro­gram­ming, audience deve­lop­ment, and espe­cial­ly buil­ding bridges bet­ween dif­ferent new music com­mu­ni­ties. I look for­ward to contri­bu­ting to this great organization.”

Brent Lee is a Cana­dian musi­cian, scho­lar and edu­ca­tor. He stu­died at McGill Uni­ver­si­ty and later the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bri­tish Colum­bia, where he com­ple­ted his doc­to­ral degree in 1999. His com­po­si­tions range from orches­tral music to elec­troa­cous­tic pieces, and include jazz and inci­den­tal music. He has recei­ved awards or com­mis­sions from CAPAC, SOCAN, the Cana­da Coun­cil, the Alber­ta Heri­tage Fund, The Gau­dea­mus Foun­da­tion (The Nether­lands), the Alber­ta Foun­da­tion for the Arts, and the Bourges Inter­na­tio­nal Elec­troa­cous­tic Music Com­pe­ti­tion (France). In addi­tion to per­for­mances and broad­casts in many coun­tries, seve­ral of his works have been com­mer­cial­ly recor­ded. His com­po­si­tions and impro­vi­sa­tions often explore the rela­tion­ship bet­ween acous­tic ins­tru­ments and digi­tal sound pro­ces­sing ; this inter­est has exten­ded to his work as a per­for­ming mem­ber of a num­ber of impro­vi­sing ensembles inclu­ding gems, <em>Strictly Plutonic</em>, <em>Modus Vivendi</em>, and the <em>Noiseborder Ensemble</em>. In 2002 he accep­ted a posi­tion at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Wind­sor, and ser­ved as com­po­ser-in-resi­dence with the Wind­sor Sym­pho­ny Orches­tra from 2003-06. He has been an asso­ciate com­po­ser of the Cana­dian Music Centre since 1991. (BL, 2011)